Creating and managing user accounts

Adding users via the Admin

  • Select a customer first.
    This is displayed only for users with respective rights.
  • Select your project.
    This is displayed only for users with respective rights.
  • Click on "Members" and then "Add member" to invite members to your ARRI Webgate Project.
  • Click on "Add" - "User" in the browser of your ARRI Webgate Project to add users to your project.
  • Type in the e-mail addresses of the users you want to add.
  • Select the roles for the desired rooms to which the users should have access to.
  • Click on the question mark to see what a certain role is capable to do.
  • Click on “Show all roles” to see all possible roles.
  • Click on “Invite” to add the users.

Member Overview

Clicking on the "Members" – "Overview" tab takes you to the page with the overview of all project participants. Here you can add, copy and edit users, and assign them roles in the various rooms. PA stands for Project Administrator, PC for Project Controller, M for Member, U for User and O for Owner. You can change the rights of the roles Member, User and Owner in the Admin screen in the "Roles" tab. (This view is only accessible via the Admin.)